11 Yr-Old Techie, Emmanuella Mayaki gains media attention with coding skills

11 Yr-Old Techie, Emmanuella Mayaki gains media attention with coding skills

Tech whizz-kid, Emmanuella Mayaki, has gained media attention with her coding skills which had earlier got her a teaching job at an after school club in England.

The tech genius who has plans to become a machine learning engineer first caught the attention of the public when she was 9 year-old and built a mobile application as well as a website to teach ICT skills for free.

Emmanuella who is proficient in all the Microsoft programs and has a passion and drive for technology said she started using the computer at the age of six (6) and was fascinated with coding and how it is possible to come up with a lot of things with just exploring minor codes.

At the age of 10, Emmanuella Mayaki relocated to the United Kingdom where her skills earned her a job at an after school club where she taught kids her age how to code and use computer language.

With the help of her father, she was able to secure a place where she could learn Python and Java after which she went back to school. Emmanuella who was discovered by her teacher to have technological prowess in coding skills. She was asked to teach her classmates grouped into 10 coding.

Emmanuella at funtech REPORT AFRIQUE International
Emmanuella and her father at FunTech

Her classmates were said to make progress from Emmanuella’s tutelage in coding.

Now at 11 years, the ICT prodigy has improved her coding skills aiming closer to her pursuits to become a professional web designer and computer programmer.

When asked about her future plans for her future pursuits, Emmanuella said:

“I am working on building a website using Python. I want to work on using artificial intelligence python and java and I also want to create another website which is enriching my skills”.

Emmanuella considers herself a privileged child with the hope that the government can do more to enable kids without benefits like her to learn computer skills. She said it will be nice to see infrastructures in place that would enable children gain access and improve in technology. Pf this happens, she said, Africa would be the biggest tech giant in the world.

Emmanuella’s journey kicked off In Edo and Lagos states all in Nigeria before she moved to the UK.

Now back in Nigeria, she’s committing herself to acquiring more tech skills with the hope to train more young people in the future.

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